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Primary directions of scientific research are defined in scientific programmes, theses and particular research plans approved in accordance with the established procedure.

Correspondingly with topical objectives of the Park, Scientific Department carries out research in the following directions:

  • inventarization of flora, fauna and entire scope of natural complexes and particular natural objects within its territory;
  • detection of natural complexes most typical for the Park, determination of reference geosystems and search of their analogues on adjacent areas aimed at organization of generic study;
  • study of intersystemic relations, structure and regularities of functioning of natural complexes, activities of separate species and communities and the impact they suffer from the factors of environment;
  • integrated multicenter research concerning preservation issues of the unique flora and fauna of the Park’s nature.

Scientific Department manages and conducts its activity under direct guidance of Deputy Director for Science. The department has working links and contacts with the rest of Park divisions in course of its functioning. Scientific Department is regarded one of the principal and is divided into four laboratories which were structurally formed in 2003:

  • Geographic Research Laboratory;
  • Measuring Laboratory of Analytic Monitoring and Control;
  • Silviculture and Botany Laboratory;
  • Zoology Laboratory.

Nature records are the dominant form of generalization of results of scientific research and observations of status and changes in natural complexes on the territory of the Park.

Data of nature records are used to estimate the environmental condition in the region, to develop measures of its protection and conservation, to improve the effectiveness of natural resources use, to secure ecological safety, etc.

Scientific subdivisions maintain primary accounts of cadastral information on the territory of the Park.

Science and research on the territory of the Park can be prerogative for other scientific and research institutions and organizations based on unitary programmes and research plans or special agreements between these institutions and organizations and the administration of the Park.

Science and research on the territory of the Park are coordinated by Pasternak Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of mountain forestry together with the Ministry of environment and mineral resources of Ukraine.