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In the national park, there are many outstanding natural sites that attract visitors. One of them is Rudyak bog with cranberries and other rare species of plants, Kedruvate tract in Chornohora - the only habitat of the cedar pine. Many tourists are fascinated by rocks, Dovbush caves. In Yaremche, there is amazing waterfall Prybiy, which falls from a height of 12 meters on the background of large boulders, creating extremely magnificent scenery of unusual beauty.

The territory of the Carpathian National Park is located within an extremely interesting and distinctive historical and ethnographic region of Ukraine – Hutsulskyi region. This region can boast its cultural and historical heritage; many historical and cultural sites are under state protection. There are also archaeological sites whose age is 15 thousand years and monuments of wooden folk architecture of XVI-XIX centuries, modern and elegant buildings of recreational facilities, whose style follows the tradition of Hutsul architecture. Various kinds of art crafts are developed In Hutsulskyi region: carving, pottery, weaving, egg painting. The peculiarity of the life and customs of ancient hutsuls, especially their language, clothing, songs attract tourists.