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On Ecologic Education Department

The Ecologic Education Department was organized in accordance with Articles 20, 21, 22 of Law of Ukraine ‘On Nature Conservation Foundation of Ukraine’ and ‘The Decree on the Carpathian National Nature Park’ (hereinafter the Carpathian NNP) with the purpose of creating beneficial conditions for ecological education through popularization of ecologic knowledge, implementation of new forms and methods of environmental education and mentoring, prediction of long-term consequences of anthropogenic influence on the nature, completion of programmes and research projects of relevant sections of Nature records.


The Ecologic Education Department shall fulfill the following activities:

  • promote the formation of affirmative public opinion concerning the conservation of natural diversity through all kinds of social and professional experiences, based on the principal criteria of ecologic education: knowledge, beliefs, deeds;
  • implement innovative concepts to the school curricula of ecologic education, propagate new methodologies of environmental mentoring and nurturing, develop recommendations on formation of ecological ethics and esthetics;
  • foster the ecological culture and awareness level among the public, particularly recreants staying at sanitary institutions through media, printed poligraphic materials and didactic publishing;
  • collect and distribute information about the environmental situation and the impact it produces on health, among the public;
  • engage Ukrainians in the programmes targeted in protection of right of the Ukrainian citizen to clean and healthy environment;
  • facilitate permanent contacts, feedback and experience sharing with related local, national or international state or public organizations;
  • carry out surveys among the Park visitors and local inhabitants dedicated to environment-related issues;
  • supervise the compliance to the nature conservation regime within the territory of the Park;
  • conduct preventive awareness raising work with violators of nature conservation regime;
  • participate in hosting of ‘Nature Protection Day’ events on the territory of the Park and set the themes of celebrations;
  • exercise control over the compliance to the access control arrangements of the Park.

The Ecologic Education Department together with Science and Research Department performs the following tasks:

  • development and publishing of educational, nurturing, methodic and informational materials for ecologic education, mentoring and nature preservation (prospects, itineraries, leaflets);
  • regular examination of ecologic and scientific-educational trails and routes;
  • organization of seminars, conferences, round-table discussions, disputes, quizzes, ecologic games;
  • equipping ecological informational halls (corners) in offices of local nature-oriented science and research departments;
  • conducting scientific and sociological research in directions related to the environmental situation.


The Ecologic Education Department manages and fulfills its activities under the auspices of Deputy Director for scientific work. In course of functioning, the Department cooperates with the entire scope of local departments and productive subdivisions of the Park. The Ecologic Education Department is regarded one of the main one of the Park.

The Head of Department supervises its activity. Rights and duties of the department personnel are set forth in post regulations.


The Ecologic Education Department is situated in the visit-centre of the Carpathian nature national park.