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1260 species of higher spore and vascular plants, including 155 bryophytes species grow in the park. The Red Data Book of Ukraine lists 80 species of plants: east Carpathian rhododendron, mountain arnica, rhodiola rosea, white Pulsatilla, northern Linnaeus, Northern firmoss, river moss, cedar pine, cranberry, a large number of Orchidaceae species which can be found on polonyna (large subalpine meadows) and bogs, etc. Three species of plants are listed in the European Red List: Carpathian cow parsnip, Filarski lungwort and meadow primrose. The park has 29 endemic plant species, including 12 pan-Carpathian (white hesperis, Carpathian Pyrola, Carpathian Euphorbia, etc.) and 13 South Carpathian (Aconitum nanum, Carpathian cornflower, violet declinata etc.) endemics. The biggest number of endemics and relics is found on Chornohora.