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Purpose of the Department

The Department of Recreation was organized in accordance with Articles 29, 21, 22 of Law of Ukraine ‘On Nature Conservation Foundation of Ukraine’ and ‘The Decree on the Carpathian National Nature Park’ (hereinafter the Carpathian NNP).

  1. Supply of conditions beneficial for organized tourism, recreation and other types of recreational activity.
  2. Marketing research and survey in the branch of promotion of recreational potential.
  3. Optimization of informational and advertising affairs.
  4. Completion of programmes and projects aimed at study of impact produced by recreants’ activities on natural systems.

Principal objectives and functions of the Department

  1. Development and assertion of project and cost estimation records and reports concerning the Park’s welfare.
  2. Dealing with issues of ecological routes and tours trailing, arrangement of recreational zones and places of sight.
  3. Designing the visual agitative materials and providing public information of recreational objects.

The Department’s appointments include:

  1. Head of Department;
  2. Deputy Head of Department;
  3. Engineer in-chief of Recreation (2 people);
  4. First Rank Engineer (2 people);
  5. Second Rank Engineer (1 person).

Primary recreational functions on the territory of the Carpathian NNP:

  1. medical and biological;
  2. social economic;
  3. cultural.

Forms of tourism on the territory of the Carpathian NNP:

  1. automobile;
  2. pedestrian;
  3. aquatic;
  4. skiing;
  5. equine;
  6. cycling.

Duties and activities

  1. The Department is responsible for setting agreements on recreational activity with recreational institutions.
  2. The Department makes quarterly reports on the quantity of visitors in recreational institutions and monthly reports about attendance of recreational objects to the Science and Research Department in accordance with the Decree of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 827 under the date of 02.06.2003 ‘On services to be rendered on nature conservation territories’. Recorders register visitors, indicate costs according to the price list using cash or check registers.

Rules of conduct on the territory of the Carpathian NNP


  1. observe natural phenomena;
  2. prevent from all potential factors of adverse impact on environment;
  3. timely alert the state service of nature conservation areas on violations of the nature conservation regime, if any;
  4. take photographs and videoclips, make drawings and sketches;
  5. hold ecology-related events.


  1. deviate from trail or route;
  2. cause damage to any natural objects;
  3. start fires in inappropriate places or smoke while passing through woodlands;
  4. cut or damage trees, bushes, pick flowers, collect curative herbs;
  5. hunt animals, destroy places of their habitation;
  6. go fishing in any kind of way;
  7. bear firearms;
  8. pollute the territory or make noise;
  9. pitch tents in inappropriate places.