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    Bukovel is the biggest and the most modern ski resort in Ukraine located at the altitude from 850 to 1372 m a.s.l..There are 16 modern elevators with a capacity of 34700 persons per hour. Some elevators function after tourism season finishes. Simultaneously about 15 000 persons can ski at the resort.

    51 km of ski tracks are located on three mountains. They are Dovha, Bukovel and Kleva. These are mainly tracks of medium complication, thus there are sufficient amount of simple and more complicated tracks. Both a professional and an amateur will find a track. There are also simple tacks for children.



Picturesque city Kolomyya is located on the left bank of the Prut River. The city impresses both visitors and locals by its colorful museums, bright historical and cultural monuments and its architecture.

In Kolomyya you can visit:

  "Pysanka" Museum

"Pysanka" Museum"Pysanka" Museum

The world’s biggest collection of pysankas, about 12 000 items are represented from different regions of Ukraine and different countries of the world such as Poland, Check Republic, Canada, The USA, India and others. There is pysanka making school at the museum. The all-Ukrainian art festival called "Pysanka" is performed at the museum too. The building of the museum entered to the top 10 architectural miracles of Ukraine.



    About 50 000 exhibits from Tripillia culture (5200 to 3500 BC) until nowadays are gathered at the museum. Different types of folk art namely things of everyday use, musical instruments, clothes as well as metal, wooden and leather items are exhibited at the museum.


Museum of History of The City

Museum of History of The CityMuseum of History of The City

First chronicles about the city, chronicles, photos, items of everyday use are exhibited at the museum. There are 18 show-rooms at the museum. Thanks to display units visitors can learn more about the history of the city, namely history of German colonies in Kolomyya and history of self-governance, Kolomyya and Habsburgs, economy and trade of the city as well as history of Jewish community.


Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus 

Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus

Cathedral of Transfiguration of Jesus is the key temple of Kolomyya and Chernivtsi diocese of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. The walls are painted in Byzantine style. Paintings tell about Transfiguration of Jesus, apostles, Christian holidays and Ukrainian Saints. It is one of the biggest churches in Western Ukraine.


Church of Annunciation of Virgin Mary

Church of Annunciation of Virgin MaryChurch of Annunciation of Virgin Mary

When you enter Kolomyya you can see an old wooden church of Annuation of Virgin Mary built in 1587. It is one of the oldest churches in Western Ukraine.



Verkhovyna is the capital of the Hutsul region located in basin of the Black Cheremosh River and surrounded by Carpathians. This village is a center of the Hutsul culture.

In Verkhovyna you can visit:

Museum of the Hutsul Region

Museum of the Hutsul RegionMuseum of the Hutsul Region

Museum of the Hutsul Region, located in Verkhovyna village in two-storied wooden house. The museum consists of three rooms. Different items of the folk art, things of everyday use and pictures of local painters are gathered there. Hutsul wedding and festive clothes attract attention of the visitors. Variety of different items of everyday use and folk arts such as pots, bottles for different beverages, embroidered napkins and towels, wooden boxes, baskets, vases and other thing are exhibited at the museum. Visitors can participate in master-class of carpet-making and feel themselves real Hutsuls.


Museum«Gallery of Hutsul traditions and ceremonies»

Museum«Gallery of Hutsul traditions and ceremonies»Museum«Gallery of Hutsul traditions and ceremonies»

Museum «Gallery of Hutsul traditions and ceremonies» is a private museum in Verkhovyna dedicated to conservation of Hutsul traditions and ceremonies. The hostess tells about local customs, ceremonies and signs that have been preserved until nowadays. Visitors can take photos in Hutsul clothes, participate in master-classes of Hutsul cuisine and taste dishes from the stove, be healed thanks to the real fire.


Museumof Hutsul well-being, ethnography and musical instruments of RomanKumlyk

Museumof Hutsul well-being, ethnography and musical instruments of RomanKumlykMuseumof Hutsul well-being, ethnography and musical instruments of RomanKumlyk

    Museum of Hutsul well-being, ethnography and musical instruments of Roman Kumlykis located in Verkhovyna. Hustul clothes and working tools that reflect Hutsul wellbeing are gathered in the museum. The collection of musical instruments is the proud of the museum.