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         The Carpathians are beautiful in every season. Winter is a perfect time for skiing and learning about local traditions including how Christmas and Ukrainian winter holidays are traditionally celebrated. Spring is a period of nature awakening and a thick carpet of herbs and flowers covers the ground. Summer is good for hiking and breathing of fresh and healing mountain air while enjoying natural sceneries and landscapes. In autumn, there is an abundance of mushrooms and the plants are painted in a variety of hues.

The Ukrainian Carpathians provide visitors with all conditions for a rest and health improvement. Mountains are fascinating in all seasons but the most popular period lasts from April to November.

The unique geographical location, mountainous relief, scenic landscapes as well as a variety of natural resources of the National Park create great opportunities for rest and improving of health. The Park provides visitors with several hiking trails with a total length of 300 km. Recreation zones are located near motorways. This provides visitors with all facilities needed for rest.

Tourism trails such as "Hoverla Mount", "Dovbush Trail", "Huk Waterfall", "Pip Ivan Mount", "Makovytsya Mountain" and Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre located in the Animal Enclosure are the most popular sites among visitors.

Mineral springs are the special gift from the nature. Prevailing are the springs with sulfate, hydrocarbonate, and calcium-magnesium.

The National Park is located in the unique and interesting historical and ethnological region called Hutsulshchyna. This name is derived from the word "hutsul". Hutsuls are the local inhabitants of the region. This region is proud of its cultural and historic heritage. Many historical and cultural monuments are being protected by the state. Churches from the 17th to 20th centuries, built in the traditional Hutsul style, have been preserved to the present. Another cultural feature of the region is artisan folk art. This art includes the following: wood carving, metal cutting, wood burning, pottery, carpet making, weaving, pysankarstvo (painting of eggs), as well as embroidery, rich in colors and ornaments. Uniqueness traits and ancient customs of Hutsuls, their speech and clothing, as well as rich folklore attracts attention of visitors.

Visiting the national park brings great impressions, amazing moments, sweet memories as well as a wish to come back again and again. Here you can discover culture, traditions, and customs of Hutsuls, the indigenous inhabitants of this land, hear pleasing sounds of trembitas (Hutsul instruments), join nature, and breathe pure and healing mountain air.

Walks, rides, hiking, visiting museums and sacred monuments, conquering mountain peaks, as well as tasting delicious traditional foods and Hutsul traditions filled with local color will provide you with a wonderful and pleasant rest.