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Carpathian National Nature Park (hereinafter - Park) was established under the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR as of 03.06.1980 No.376 and the Decree of the President of Ukraine as of 23.03.2010 No.215 "On the extension of the Carpathian National Nature Park".

The Park is a non-profit, environmental, recreational, cultural, educational, scientific and research institution of the national importance and belongs to the protected areas of Ukraine.

The area of the Park totals 51570.80 thousand hectares consisting of forest land for permanent use (38340.46 hectares) and the land of other land users (13230.33 hectares) which belong to the park and where traditional economic activities, which meet the general requirements for environment protection, are carried out.

Plots of land and water with all the natural resources and sites are excluded from economic use and given to the Park in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

The boundaries of the Park are demarcated through the setup of the necessary approved state information security signs and mapping in the existing maps of the State Committee for Land Resources and Land Users and must be taken into account during the reconstruction and development of the surrounding areas. The right to use land is exercised through relevant documents.

The park is located on the north-eastern slopes of the Ukrainian Carpathians and includes the territory within the altitudes of 500 - 2061 m above sea level, to the north of the Chornohirskyi watershed, till Yaremche town along the Prut River and western tributaries of the Chornyi Cheremosh. The length of the park from the northwest to the southeast totals 55 km, from east to west - 20 km.

Park’s activity is based on the Constitution of Ukraine, the Laws of Ukraine "On Environmental Protection", "On the Nature Reserve Fund of Ukraine", "On the scientific and technical activities" other laws of Ukraine, regulations, The Project of the territory organization and the Regulation on the Carpathian National Natural Park.

The park is a legal entity with its own balance, registration account in the department of State Treasury of Ukraine, the seal with the State Emblem of Ukraine and its name, stamps, letterheads, logo, which are duly registered. The park reports to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine (hereinafter - MENR). Operational management is carried out by the Department of Nature Reserves Management.