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Pip Ivan Mountain

Length 9600 м

Duration of hiking – 10 hours

Altitude (a.s.l.) ‒ from 900 to 2028 m 

Trail is marked. Marking colors: two horizontal white stripes with a red one in the middle.

Pip Ivan MountainPip Ivan Mountain

The trail starts next to the building of Chornohirskyy Nature-Protection and Scientific-Research Department. It passes along the Shybenka River and stretchess to the Vesnarka Mountain Meadow.After that, the route leads to Maricheyka Lake, finally leading up to Pip Ivan Mount (2028 m a.s.l.).

On the top of Pip Ivan Mountain is the building of Polish astronomical and meteorological observatory, a unique monument of Ukrainian history and architecture. It is also called "A White Elephant". The observatory is the highest building in Ukraine, built in 1938.

Many rare plant species grow on the hills of the mountain.Interesting inhabitants of amphibians are the Carpathian and Alpine newts.You can also see a fire salamander. The mammals of the area include the river otter, European mink, and stoat.These are predators that feed on small animals. The forests are inhabited by red deer, roe deer, wild boar, marten, Carpathian squirrel, and forest dormouse.


To reach the checkpoint from Verkhovyna Village tourists can take the bus. (Route: Verkhovyna - Shybeny)

Don’t forget to adhere to regulations of personal safety. DO NOT:

1. step off the trail

2. damage or remove natural objects, including picking flowers and gathering firewood

3. make a fire outside designated areas

4. smoke

5. disturb or harm wildlife

6. fish

7. carry firearms

8. litter

 According to safety regulations all tourist must be registered at the rescue service office 

 Rescue Service: 

(03434) 4-11-49; 

067 342 04 95.

 Working hours:

May ‒ October: from 8 a.m. to 12 noon


Adults 30,00 UAH

Children 15,00 UAH

 Visitor fees are used to:

- improve the infrastructure of trails and rest areas

- produce information boards and signs

- produce printed materials and maps

- waste removal

- salaries for park staff who maintain the national park and trails


Have a nice time!!!