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Length ‒ 8000m

         Duration of hiking ‒ 4 hours

         Altitude (a.s.l.) ‒ from 550 to 984,5 m

Trail is marked. Marking colors: two horizontal white stripes with a green one in the middle.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail   Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

Makovytsia Mountain is one of the highest peaks within the Yaremche area. From the altitude of 984.5 m, you can clearly observe the Yavirnyk mountain ridge and several mountains such as Khomiak, Syniak, and Dovbushanka. Hoverla Mountain and Petros can be seen as well. Hiking to Makovytsia Mountain does not require much efforts and is a good trail for beginners.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

The trail to Makovytsia Mountain offers a nice view of Yaremche town and its suburbs. You will get unforgettable impressions from the walk in a mixed forest where beech, fir, and spruce trees grow.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

Walking further along the trail, you will approach the overview where you can observe picturesque sceneries of Yaremche.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

You will see the remnants of trenches that remind of fierce battles which took place in this area during World Wars I and II. 

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

While walking along the mountain ridge, you will be able to admire picturesque landscapes of the Carpathians.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

Moving further up the trail and passing rocks you can also observe Yamna district on the right.

Walking through the thick spruce forest you are approach a relay tower. Passing it, in a distance of about 200 meters you will leave the forest and go out into a meadow which stretches up to the top of the mountain.

Makovytsia Mountain TrailMakovytsia Mountain Trail

Having climbed Makovytsia, you can enjoy the Carpathians.

On your way back you can continue your trip to a virgin forest and visit once more trail called "The Oldest Tree Trail".

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Don’t forget to adhere to regulations of personal safety. DO NOT:

1. step off the trail

2. damage or remove natural objects, including picking flowers and gathering firewood

3. make a fire outside designated areas

4. smoke

5. disturb or harm wildlife

6. fish

7. carry firearms

8. litter

 Working hours: 

May ‒ October: from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Adults 30,00 UAH

Children 15,00 UAH

 Visitor fees are used to:

- improve the infrastructure of trails and rest areas

- produce information boards and signs

- produce printed materials and maps

- waste removal

- salaries for park staff who maintain the national park and trails


Have a nice time!!!